October 2019 Concerts

27 October – Merseysippi Jazz Band

20 October – Baby Jools & the Jazzaholics:  This group were playing today to celebrate SJS 38th Anniversary Concert.  The band consisted of Baby Jools on drums (leader), Jim Swinnerton on bass, Brian Mellor on banjo, Mike Owen on trombone, Danny Illet on trumpet and Karl Hird on reeds.   This band are simply superb with music including:  ‘Girl of My Dreams’, ‘Old Man Moses’ (my favourite of the day), ‘Mama’s Gone to Buy’, ‘Since I laid my Burden Down’, ‘Petite Fleur’, ‘Those were the Days’ and ‘When My Dreamboat comes Home.  Feet were tapping and everyone left with smiles on their faces.   What a great gig.

13 October – No Concert

6 October – Wabash Jazzmen:  A highly entertaining band with a distinctive rhythmic style influenced by early Ken Colyer and Chris Barber bands.  Playing today were Mark Challinor (leader) on banjo/guitar/ukulele, Richard Vernon on string bass, Mike Pemberton on trombone, Bill Smith on cornet and harmonica and Matt Palmer, standing in for Mike Hayler currently sick, playing the reeds.  Their opening number was ‘Curse of an Aching Heart’.  Some of the other numbers played during this gig were: ‘Savoy Blues’, ‘I’m Doing Nothing’, ‘Blue turning Grey over You’, ‘Fidgetty Feet’, ‘You Meet the Nicest People in Your Dreams’ and ‘East Coast Trot’.  Also played, a number first recorded by the Band twenty five years ago, was ‘The Fat Cat on a Fence’.  They finished up with ‘TheWolverine Blues’.  I don’t need to say it but I will, the Band were very well received as they are popular with Stafford Jazz Society and their programme and music is great.  Look forward to next time.