Musician Hall of Fame

The John Moore Memorial Trophy

In 1999 The Stafford Jazz Society created an annual award for its elected “Musician of the Year”.  The Award honours the memory and the service to our Society of John Moore who for 13 years, from 1982 to 1995, was our Chairman.

Winners of this Award are:

1999-2000              Dunstan Coulber (Clarinet)
2000-2001              Paul Hares (Guitar)
2001-2002              John Hallam (Reeds)
2002-2003              Archie Cotterell (Keyboard)
2003-2004              Eric “Busker” Newton (Clarinet)
2004-2005              Richard Leach (Trombone)
2005-2006              Pete Ainge (Trumpet)
2006-2007              Ralph Allin (Violin)
2007-2008              Paul Vernon Chester (Guitar)
2008-2009              Matt Palmer (Reeds)
2009-2010              Ben Holder (Violin)
2010-2011              Chris Pearce (Reeds)
2011-2012              Robin Mason (Reeds)
2012-2013              Terry Brunt (Trombone)
2013-2014              Cavan Craddock (Reeds/Vocals)
2014-2015              Peter “Pedro” Robinson (Banjo/Guitar/Bass)
2015-2016              Thomas “Spats” Langham (Banjo)
2016-2017              Nick Ward (Drums)
2017-2018              Jim Swinnerton (Bass)

The Trophy is an oak plaque created by a final year student at Staffordshire University’s School of Art & Design. The timber was taken from an 18th Century banqueting table bought from a demolished country house in North Staffordshire. It incorporates The Stafford Jazz Society’s logo created by Frank Nichols and the opening notes of Georgia on my Mind the signature tune of the legendary jazz musician Nat Gonella who became a Life Member of The Stafford Jazz Society.