November Concerts

26  November 2017
Chicago Swing Catz.  This was the last
gig in November and what a good mix in their programme, with ragtime, gospel
and New Orleans type jazz as well as a small band sound that was pretty
cool.  Jeff Matthews (leader) was on
reeds, Pete Berresford on kayboard, Pete Ainge on trumpet, Mike Carney on
drums, Louis Lince on guitar and banjo and Pete Friel on trombone along with
Dave Margaroni on double bass.  I am sure
we shall see them again in 2018.

19 November 2017 – Wabash Jazzmen with Nick Ward.  As previously this band was well received by
the SJS audience.   For me a favourite
piece was the harmonica playing by Will Smith which took me back to the USA and
a train station somewhere down south …
The programme contained blues, a cakewalk and gospel to name a few.  On guitar/banjo/ukelele was Mike Challinor
(leader), on drums was Nick Ward, on Trombone was Mike Pemberton, on trumpet
(and harmonica) was Will Smith and on reeds was Mike Hayler.

Nick Ward seen receiving his SJS Musician of the Year
2017/18 trophy presented by Ann and Brian Crofts.   Nick is the first drummer ever to receive
this accolade.

12 November 2017 – Mell Hill’s Fine & Dandy.  Though there were only four musicians they
made a big sound.  It was lovely to see
our President, Mel Hill, back in action again.
There were some unusual numbers, not least Moon over Burslem (a take on
a Kenny Ball piece with lyrics written by Mel) and Jolie Blonde (a Cajun number
with steel guitar, fiddle and vocals in French).  What a smashing lunchtime concert.  Musicians were Mel Hill on trumpet (leader),
Richard Vernon on string bass, Jake Reeves on banjo/guitar/ukelele/steel guitar
and Willie Entwhistle on a mixture of reeds, fiddle and claviole (posh name for
penny whistle I am told).