November Concerts

Mike Owen’s Scarlette’s Serenaders – 25 November:  Jazz reminiscent of the New Orleans dance hall bands.  Musicians are: Mike Owen (trombone), Sarah Spencer (reeds), Brian Mellor (guitar & banjo), Jim Swinnerton (bass) and Baby Jools (drums).  Sadly there is no photograph for this gig.

18 November – No concert

Frog Island Jazz Band – 11 November:  This band was formed in 1962 and still has two existing members from those days.  This is proper New Orleans-style jazz at it’s best.  The band comprised John Whitehead (cornet & leader), Jim Hurd (clarinet), John Jeanes (trombone), Rob Fullalove (brass base), Keith Durston (keyboard) and Brian Lawrence (banjo).  During the second half Chris Mercer on his coronet joined the band. Music included “The Charge”, “The Dip”, “Room Rent Blues”, “Spanish Shore”, “Mandy Make Up Your Mind” and timely “Santa Claus Blues” to name just a few.

Thame Valley Stompers – 2 November:  This band has such a sense of fun.  This band is top entertainment and quality.  Some of the numbers were:  "Dr Jazz", “The Entertainer”, “When There’s a Shine on Your Shoes”, “Don’t Bring Lulu”, the “Stevedore Stomp” and “I’ve Found a new Baby.  Band members are Terry Brunt (trombone), Norman Pennington (drums), Paul Broomhead (reeds), Roger Wimpenny (trumpet – and the jokes!), John Gordon (banjo/guitar) and Peter Smith (bass guitar).