Jazz Matters

This promises to be a very important new season for Stafford Jazz Society. Last season had its difficulties; out of the 37 concerts held, 22 of them resulted in a financial deficit. Your Committee has acted to arrest this slide and hopes sincerely that you will continue to support the Society both by your concert attendances and by your participation in our weekly raffles. Some jazz clubs have closed down in these recessionary times; we are determined not to.

In a very real sense clubs like ours have become preservation societies for an endangered species of music. Not so in other parts of Europe but here in UK many clubs are struggling; may Stafford buck the trend!

Visiting musicians repeatedly compliment Stafford Jazz Society both for the way we manage our organisation and for the welcoming, respectful, listening, friendly audiences that have become our hallmark. Long may this continue.

I believe the new season’s programme offers much to look forward to, indeed to get excited about. Many established favourites, some new attractions and a rich variety of jazz styles. There will be some of the most popular names in jazz performing for us: Derek Harrison; Ben Holder; Robin Mason; Mart Rodger; Mel Hill; Taff Lloyd, Annie Hawkins; Pete Ainge; Matt Palmer; Terry Brunt; Ian Royle; Eric Newton; Chris Pearce; Graham Smith; Richard Leach; Christine Tyrrell; Dave Leithead; Malcolm Hogarth and Willy Entwistle… (I’ve run out of space!).  With the quality of entertainment assured all we need are good audiences.

If what we provide is your kind of music and Stafford Jazz Society is your kind of club I urge you to be evangelical about it! Let others know what can be enjoyed and bring them along.  Nick

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