COVID Position Statement

18th August 2020

Dear Friends
I do hope you are all keeping safe and well. It is mid-August, and in normal times I would
have booked all the bands for the new season and we would be looking forward to the
opening September concerts. But these are not normal times and although there has been a
steady easing of restrictions, sadly we remain closed and nobody regrets this more than I.
Whilst the Committee hasn’t been able to meet we have discussed various issues on-line or
by telephone and this is our current position:

 CONCERTS: I have been informed by the White Eagle Club that social distancing
would necessitate a maximum audience size of 45-50. If we were to re-open on that
basis a new admissions policy would need to be introduced and with difficult options.
Should this be “first-come first-serve” or by introducing a pre-booking ticketing
system? No easy choices, moreover the prospect of having to turn people away with
all the disappointment and foreseeable annoyance that would create makes such a
phased re-opening a non-starter. Added to which greatly reduced admissions would
have severe financial consequences and even the management of our weekly raffle
would be adversely affected. Bands also would need to comply with social distancing
with consequences for band sizes and there would be consequences for both bar
and catering services. Against this background our inevitable conclusion is that we
must await a greater semblance of normality before re-opening and realistically that
probably means sometime next year.

 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING: Traditionally this is held in the first half of
November, but under these difficult circumstances it has been decided that instead of
an AGM all Members will receive by post or by e-mail the two constitutional
requirements of an AGM, namely the 2019-2020 Financial Accounts together with a
list of those Officers and Committee Members prepared to stand for re-election for
the ensuing year. A respond-by date will be issued for any questions and a non-
response will be interpreted as Member approval. By this procedure finances can be
given the necessary scrutiny and Officers/Committee elected. If Members have any
issues they would otherwise have raised under Any Other Business these can be
communicated to me and I will see that the Committee gives full consideration to

 ANNUAL AWARDS: With the last concert season only partially completed the
Committee has decided that both Musician of the Year and Band of the Year Awards
be cancelled.

Thank you for your continued understanding and patience. The pandemic is still at large,
many of us are vulnerable with underlying health issues and that includes many band
members. We all need to remain extremely vigilant and cautious on the decisions we make. I
will continue to keep you all informed.

Above all, go well and stay safe………………..

Nick 18/08/2020